Complete Paperless Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is a web-based application that simplifies the complex hospital management system to improve healthcare facilities. Integrated with 15+ modules, a well-tuned hospital management system automate many vital daily processes.


Based on user roles like super admin, accountant, etc, a powerful dashboard of hospital management system shows various KPIs.


My calendar is another powerful module of the hospital management system that allows to book and view upcoming appointments.


The doctor module of the Hospital Management System allows doctors to view treatment history, prescription, birth certificates, list of doctors and many more.


The integrated patient module contains information of patient list, patient payment, appointment, documents, holidays, calendar, bed list, and many others.


The first and foremost demand for any CRM is the hospital management solution. A hospital management solution allows you to schedule various activities like tests or x-ray etc.


The appointment module of HMS is perfect for taking an appointment.

The hospital management system automates and organizes the daily functioning of hospitals or clinics. The hospital records management software keeps track of all the patient history, operations, users’ data, and stored them securely. Not limited to this, the hospital management system has modules to manage financial activities such as payroll, payments, expenses, payment procedures, etc.

  • Financial Activities
  • Prescription
  • LAB Test
  • Medicine
  • Donor
  • Bed
  • Report
  • Notice
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Settings
  • Profile
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