My Shiksha App Resolves Real-Time School’s Challenges

Running a school efficiently is never an easy task. It requires equal collaboration from every single person involved directly or indirectly to run the school smoothly. Answer these questions from yourself and if you find the answer is “yes”, then “Yes” you are at the right place.

  • Do accountant mistakes cause loss every day?
  • Do you worry about students’ security and safety when they board a bus?
  • Do you fade up with the bad management of librarians?
  • Are you facing difficulties every time to bring teachers and students on the same page for Parent-teachers meetings?

If you find, the answer is “Yes”. Then, here you go:

My Shiksha App is School ERP Software based on PHP. My Shiksha App is developed by a dynamic team of Resulytics Services. It is an all-in-one and ideal school solution to simplify school management operations. Right from academic management to transport, My Shiksha App has all the features that can automate the complex process of library management, document management, workforce management, and many more.

With School Administration Software, the school administration can now easily track, monitor, and analyze the students and stuff performances. Best School Administration Software, helps schools, colleges, universities or any other educational institutions to manage students’ attendance, grade book, exams and many more efficiently and effectively.

Organize and Manage Your Students Data Efficiently

Integrated with a 40+module, School Database Management System allows you to create any number of sections of any class. Storing and organizing large numbers of data is one of the most challenging problems faced by any school, college, university, training/coaching institute. Powerful data management features of My Shiksha App, allows you to manage data of different classes, sections, departments in an organized way. Only data organization is not sufficient, at the same time retrieval of stored data plays a vital role for school authorities.

Bad Fee Management Causes Financial Losses

Cloud-based web deployment simplifies the on-boarding process. Now, school authorities can easily keep and track records of all the new, old, and ex-employees. One of the key features of School Fee Management Software My Shiksha App, allows the accountant department of schools or colleges to manage and update all the payment details with few mouse clicks. The Accountant department can now easily track payment history and can send payment reminders with our Student Database Management System. It also allows you to keep details of various types of fees such as sports fees, exams fees, admission fees, and many more.

Different kinds of graphs at the dashboard itself allows you to visualize all the ongoing work and prioritize. My Shiksha App has a personalized dashboard for super admin, admin, staff, teachers, and parents to give personalized experience and therefore enhance data security.

Advanced collaboration and support from the Resulytics family, make your journey with My Shiksha App wonderful all the way. Secure, scalable, and flexible deployment of the School Database Management System allows you to manage multi-branch schools, colleges, or coaching institutes at an unbeatable speed. Resulytics Services is one of the leading IT companies in India to provide the best information technology services and enterprise-scale business solutions.

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