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Finding is a suitable candidate for a particular post is not an easy job. Their dedicated Recruitment Specialists personally manage every assignment with utmost care. Executing carefully planned recruitment strategies, out hiring specialists to achieve the desired goals within agreed timeframes with their clients. Through proven processes and comprehensive analysis of candidates, they find the best human resources for your needs.



Our HR Analysis solution empowers HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to hire new employees, manage, and retain their potential employees. With years of experience, Resulytics Services have understood that companies today require more than a skilled candidate, they need people with good attitude, productivity, willingness to take challenges, etc. Our Analysis report encourages pioneers to create better workplaces and boost employee productivity. Digitalization has transformed the role of HR. We delivered better solutions to get insight and manage activities efficiently.

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    Human Resource

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    Payroll management services, these days, have been considered an essential part for any company. Maintaining payroll records and processing them accordingly is the key to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees by guaranteeing them proper payments. A payroll processing company deals exclusively with payroll processing services for other companies by helping them to keep a check on the payroll procedures and timely crediting of salaries for all employees.

    For start-up companies, payroll services are handled by themselves. This is done by manually crediting the salaries for employees by cheque, cash or bank transfer, whichever is the mode of payment the company follows. It’s when the company grows and hires more employees they start facing problems of keeping the accounts in check. It becomes a very time consuming, hectic and tedious job when the number of employees in a company are comparatively large. Hence companies tend to hire employees exclusively to cater to payroll. It’s not just hiring employees, but these employees would also need their work space and individual salaries as well.

    Resulytics Services a payroll processing company handles payroll processing services. All we need is the pay structure of each employee and how much is to be credited per month which is basically calculated according to the attendance records. Once we receive the required information the rest is done by us.

    Advantages Of A Payroll Processing Company
    Major Cost Reduction
    Awareness of State Laws

    Given the cost of recruitment, employers want to do all they can to keep the right talent in their organization. After all, there’s no way a business can flourish and thrive if your best workers are dropping out of the company like flies. People might leave for a number of reasons; it could be pay, but it could be a wish for career progression, greater challenge, change of culture, more flexibility, or simply personal reasons. The beauty of SME organizations is that they are dynamic, fast and fun and employees who work in them are on the front line and close to the decision making processes.

    Success of any business depends on human resource management. Human resource plays a crucial role behind the outcome of a company irrespective of its size whether big, small or medium-sized. The worth of a company is as good as the employees involved in it. If human resource is not managed properly it can ultimately result in the downfall of the company. Hence it is most significant to manage human resources and special attention has to be given in taking decisions regarding HR.

    Resulytics Services supplies comprehensive and dynamic Human Resource Attendance Analysis report and analytical data helping HR teams and management make important decisions based on real insights. Insights of real-time Attendance, Shift, Leave and Overtime data that helps to make quick decisions. that affects overall cost and productivity.

    A good reporting system gives you the complete flexibility to filter or customized columns to have a closer look at the data. Attendance Analysis reports help to assist organizations in planning, organizing and managing their resources effectively and efficiently. Our analysis reports cover tasks like scheduling, cost control, budget management, communication, and resource allocation.

    Dashboards, Visualizations, & Reports

    Benchmark Analysis

    Data Gathering

    Data Cleansing

    Streamline Process

    Evaluate Goals


    Resulytics Services uses powerful and convenient tool R Studio, Python, Oracle SQL, Advance Excel, PowerPoint, Access, VBA Macros, MS Project, etc to perform an operation repeatedly and also helps in analyzing the data. Most fascinating and versatile software used in innumerable ways to get Complete Visibility of how’s employee journey throughout his career with the organization.


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