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No matter whether a school is big or small, it needs to maintain a flawless data of various activities. From recording the students and teachers attendance to communicating progress reports to the parents, it is the institute’s management that has to look after all the maintenance and security of all the operational data.

Many times the educational institutes have to hire additional I.T. staff for maintaining the records and fulfilling all the needs related to the effective management of a school. However, this is an expensive solution as it requires extra employees.

The web-based school ERP software on the other hand makes more sense for the educational institutes looking for a hassle-free and efficient system for recording, compiling, scheduling, communicating and analyzing all the vital activities. Read more about the sizzling hot deluxe novomatic.

Powerful Dashboard

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It has sub modules Admission Enquiry, Visitor Book, Phone Call Log, Postal dispatch, Postal Receive, Complain, Setup Front Office


It has submodules Collect Fees, Search Fees Payment, Fees Type, Fees Discount , Fees Carry Forward and Fees Reminder


It has submodules Class Timetable, Teachers Timetable, Assign Class Teacher, Promote Students, Subject Group, and Subjects.


It has submodules Issue Item, Add Item Stock, Add Item, Item Category, Item Store, and Item Supplier for great management.


It has submodules Student Details, Student Admission, Online Admission, Bulk Delete, Student Category, Student House, etc.


Submodule Notice Board, Send Email & SMS facilitate flawless communication among top management, teachers, students, and parents.


It has submodules Exam Group, Exam Scheduled, Exam Result, Design and Print Admit Card,  Design and Print Marksheet etc.

Human Resource

A robust school ERP has submodules Staff Directory, Staff Attendance, Approve Leave Request etc to manage teachers perfectly.


It has submodules Student Certificate, Generate Certificate, Student Id Card, and Generate Identity Card

Attendance / Leave

Our comprehensive software has submodule Student Attendance, Attendance By Date, and Approve Leave to evaluate attendance.


It has submodule Routes, Vehicles and Assign Vehicles to provide paper-less and well-organized transport service.


Not limited to school alone, our cost-effective solution has submodule Hostel Rooms, Room Type etc data also.

Why Us

All in all, School ERP Software is a great technological development that aims at simplifying the functionality of the schools. The modern era calls for a paper-less and well-organized work culture that is only possible will complete the computerization of the education sector.

It is time to welcome the ERP software tools with arms wide open!

Smooth deliverance of knowledge is the most crucial function of an Academic institute – It forms the nucleus of a school or college. However, at present, we would see that a majority of schools and colleges are not been able to give maximum outputs as far as effective education is concerned.

But, as it said that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”; the obligation to produce extraordinary consequences, resulted in a 360 Degree School ERP solution. Our school ERP is now customized to suit the demands of an educational sector, i.e., effective deliverance of education.

Schools and colleges have grown in terms of its core pursuit, founding as well as operations. Our robust school management system does not only assist the teachers but also the academic coordinators to deal with the day to day tasks which in way drain them of their energy and affect their productivity.

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