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What is Mr. Visitors?

Mr. Visitors is a highly secured and robust visitor management system that keeps track of the visitors that visit the location and electronically stored record data in a centralized server. The digital visitor management system has simplified the check-in and check-out process. Its user-friendly interface and easy to access features are grabbing attention not only in the residential societies but also in a commercial complex, shopping mall, and other public places.

We Count every step of the visitor

Excel sheet or manual registers are being used by many commercial and residential buildings to keep a record of all the visitors. Guard or receptionist sitting at the front desk takes the record and enter the details manually. While entering the details manually there is a high possibility that some piece of information can be entered incorrectly.

With our Mr. Visitors visitor’s management system, allows you to enter the details on a tablet. Mr. Visitors work in an algorithmic way. A robust visitor management system records visitors’ details electronically. With no hidden cost, Mr. Visitors is affordable and easy to implement. Being an optimal visitor management software, Mr. Visitors uses the face recognization technology to capture visitors’ photos.

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    Mr. Visitors Overview

    With zero paperwork visitor management system is a control tower that manages the complete planning, logistics and training for visitors to any facility or group of facilities. It acts as an interface for customers, vendors, suppliers, regulatory personal, internal, or external inspectors to coordinate their visit(s). It captures the entire logistics, planning, and approvals for the visits from the moment of visit creation until the visit is completed with feedback. It also ensures the safety compliances and other required online training must by law. The visitor management provides support for capturing visitor feedback to provide analytics on the level of satisfaction.

    At Resulytics Services, our prime focus is to deliver more always. We believe every time, we go beyond client expectation as expert solution will make client and product on a new level and it will initiate to firm one more established step to resulytics success.

    How It Works

    Visitor In
    New Visitors registered themselves with their mobile number and fill up all the details. The visitor's photo will be captured using the camera and form will be submitted.
    Host Notified
    The host will receive the notifications along with the visitor's details. After the meeting, the host will share the exit OTP with visitors.
    Visitors Exit
    Visitors enter exit OTP in Mr. Visitors and check out.



    Mr. Visitors Visitor Management System uses a facial identification system that takes less than 30 seconds to identify the faces. Thus it saves the precious time of the individuals.


    Mr. Visitors Management System is a system developed with cutting edge and innovative technology to work on different premises without interruption.

    Boost Security &

    Highly advanced and fully secured Mr. Visitors visitor management system is efficient and helps to maintain the integrity and security of any organizations.

    Capture Photo Of

    The Mr. Visitors visitor management system works on the principle of face identification system works to capture the photos of the visitors and then stored on server.


    Mr. Visitors create a digital visitor ID card after registering with a mobile number of visitors who visited the premises. After filling in the details, the host will be immediately notified.

    Centralized Visitors

    Reports of various formats can be generated at regular intervals. It will contain all the details about all the visitors coming into and going from a premise.


    • Data Security
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Increase Efficiency
    • Reduce Operational Cost
    • Powerful Reporting
    • Reduce Waiting Time
    • Track Productivity
    • Global Scalability

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